Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Day Tour at Burot Beach, Calatagan

Visiting Burot Resort in Calatagan became an idea when Julius and his officemates decided to have a summer get away. They have planned it to be during lenten season so I have anticipated crowded beach! I remember cursing what happened to us in Nagsasa Zambales last summer of 2014 and I've denounced what we experienced and declared that would be the last.

Since we're in the verge of financial difficulties and torn between paying debts or just going out of town , I insisted and we decided to joined them. So yes, in less than 1000 pesos each, we had a day tour and visited this popular beach! Less guilt on spending money out of financial difficulties. Anyways! I just wanted to feel the vibe and was curious why it became popular to backpackers and campers.

Julius and Store-mates "Tropang Kape"

We spent less than 1000 each because we're in a group.YOu may do so if you travel alone, but it depends on how you travel. No rooms available on the resort. I am not sure as well how you feed yourself during out of towns. Do you want a luxurious or just a laid-back-tipid-backpacker style of travel? Your call! Indeed, it's really cheap here because there's no cottages and hotel. You really don't have a choice but to pitch a tent. Just bring your own food. : )

Upper left side part of Burot resort, where we pitch our tent

Aside from staying and camping on the beach side, you may also rent a banca and haggle to your boatman to tour you on 3 attractive spots in calatagan : The sand bar, starfish and snorkling area. Again, mas madame mas makakatipid. Calatagan owns this beautiful spots , but I was disappointed on starfish area, I saw a few. Not too many. That sand bar and snorkling area are good. Ang sarap magbabad : )

Sharing these few pics from Burot Calatagan last year. I wasn't able to get good shot from shore of Burot kase ang daming tao but we really enjoyed Island tour and that, filled up our day.

My son Julian showing his minions vest
Sand bar area
Shallow part of sand bar area where kids would enjoy playing under the sun! Few starfish was seen also on this area. Aliw lang!
Lots of these in Burot, you better wear your slippers!
Me, Mark and Julian
GoodMorning Julian!
Morning tampisaw at Burot! I advise you to wear slippers, just to be safe!

Even if during high tide, you will enjoy the main stretch of the beach. I recommended this if you have kids with you. Waters are shallow compared on Laiya San Juan. Just google how to go to Burot , I cannot provide details as we rented a van and travelled night time. Actually , I am not good on giving directions. Ciao!: )

Friday, January 13, 2017

Pampered Momma : )

I was so lucky being one of those mommas out there who received these newest items from Tupperware. Aside from baby cologne, lotions and shampoos they've given away for reviews, I was eyeing for these products for mommy's like me.


I have hesitated to use it initially because I belong to those people who got sensitive skin. I denounced using commercialize soaps and bought the mildest one, most of the time , especially once rashes/allergies attack, I bought skin products from my dermatologist. Yet, I have still used this Tupperware soap and no regrets after.

This Ultra Moisturizing Bar soap produces more lather so it's "matipid kase bumubula agad siya". I also like it's mild scent while bathing. Since it's a mild beauty soap, you may use it on your face as well. It has a relaxing effect on any stressed momma.

I've really observed my skin after a month of using it. It never had a harm effect on me. No rashes showed and it really hydrates my skin. Price is 249php. Costly compared to any commercialize beauty soap but I highly recommend it for women who have sensitive skin. I have tried it and will try again. :)


Im fond of mentholated ointments, vaporubs and any scented oils so I was happy to received this 2nd momma product from tupperware. I immediately tried this and still using it. You may think it as like the commercialized Vicks vaporub but not as sticky as the latter. Scent is also milder. The scent helps on relieving migraines and will help on achieving a relaxing mood. Perfect for a tired Momma! Just gently massage and spread all over her forehead.

I have also tried it to my toddler . Everytime he has cough and colds, I just massaged his back and chest. I also dab a little and put it on his feet before putting his socks on before going to sleep. This helps to relieve his stuffy nose and helps him get a good sleep.

I also like its packaging as it comes on a transparent plastic container that is very handy and trendy. Di nakakahiyang bitbitin. : )

For 15grams, you can buy this for only 199php. Not bad!


HOnestly , I haven't tried using this lotion for stretch marks. So, I will not be able to give a review about this yet. It's not that I do not trust this lotion, but I am still on my 3rd trimester and I am avoiding using cosmetics and lotions. I will try this and saving this after I gave birth. I guess that must be the right time , since I am seeing now stretch mark formations in between my legs!

This 50ml Mom Plus Stretch Mark cream will costs you 409php. It is specially formulated to provide triple action benefits :

* reduces the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks and increases firmness

* has natural softening properties and is packed with nourishing antioxidants

* helps repair damaged skin tissues and reduces inflammation.

Motherhood is indeed a journey! You may add a zest on this journey while using products dedicated only for mothers out there! These will make you feel pampered and taken good care of! Get yours now and contact any Tupperware dealer on your area! :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Written For Tolome ( when he was 2 years old)

I really am clueless on child's innocence and their 'being' until I got pregnant.

Everything that discusses the goodness of a child and their purity wasn't my minds' obsession until I conceived and take care of my son.

Even when I was in college , neither Child Developmental Psychology wasn't my interest nor laid my eyes to read books that discusses children and haven't bother biblical verses that says about children.
I have realized , that phase in my life is over now, and I am now comparing my life right now as I am getting old/er/ (ok not OLD, getting matured haha! )

How my son live his life now and depend his life only with me.

So helpless!

During his first few months, I've actually skipped meals just to see him sleeping and make sure that he is breathing.

His struggle on picking and standing up, makes me want to help him right away!

His cries makes me wanna cry too!

I somehow comprehends and interpret people's behavior, however, understanding words and babbling that my son utters was the most difficult of them all!

I kept on trying ...until I understand and learned the so-called mothers'instinct.

I realized, every thing a kid would do is to Play on their own world.

They didn't know that growing up won't make them play anymore!

I realized, that for them, men are good! That everything is good! Everything was their possession.

That happiness, could achieve only if they would receive a candy or a toy.

That this whole life.. is so simple to live in!

And now, my own little boy is turning two..

I am hoping that the rest of my life would be happiest being with him.

The enthusiasm that he gave is really significant .

Statements like ''apple of my eye'' and ''bundle of joy'' will be appreciated now because I have my Own and I am raising one .

I will try my best to be stronger and be the best Mom he would know!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

NUTRI 10 Plus - Aktibo't Malakas

I admit that I am not perfect when it comes on feeding and letting my son to eat only "healthy" meals and snacks. There were lapses because even if I insisted some to him, he rejected! There were days passed that his meal consists of fried chicken and rice or anything "fried" at "maalat" . He really rejects some veggies. If viand was served to him and it was Sinigang , he only picked stalk and will not eat kangkong leaves.

I only succeeded on not introducing him chocolates and "chichirya". He rarely eat those. If I offer him some of it . He only eat a few, "titikim" lang cya.

I know, this is a typical scenario on raising and feeding a child. There were times that they've been so picky on meals and we know moms that it is only a phase on child's development. So I make sure that aside on his meals, I will choose a supplement that will accompany me on my son's health. Particularly nowadays, rainy days are coming. So I'll make sure also that his immune system is in good condition.

Julian was into his "Cherifer Immuno Max" for many months now , and the effect of it to my child was depreciating. He was sick lately. He was thin and not gaining weight. Bumalik lang din sa dati. Hindi ata nahiyang...

Timely, I received these bottles of Nutri10 Plus and have read feedbacks from other moms. It took me two months to observe how it affects my child. It was also approved by his Pedia. However, I just noticed that this product wasn't commercialized unlike Cherifer and other Vitamins available for children but it can be bought also on any Mercury Drugstore outlet.


Initially for 2 months, I observed that he really had "gana" on eating his meals and he's been active physically. I know its too early to judge, but basically yun pa lang. Another thing is , he likes its taste and flavor! It comes in ponkan flavor and I didn't have a hard time on motivating him on switching from his previous vitamins to Nutri 10 Plus. He even called it "gamot na ponkan". Hopefully , it would help him boost his immune system as well.


If vitamins recommended by Pediatrician are costly, I will not hesitate to buy if its indeed effective! However, if I found out that there is this same medicine in the market that has the same effect and will not empty my pocket, then, i'll go for the latter. That's the effect of NUTRI10 Plus to me as a mom. Mas mura cya compared sa cherifer Immuno Max. hehehe. 120ml of Cherifer is around 450.00 while Nutri10 plus 120ml is only 200+ in any mercury drug outlet.

"NUTRI10 PLUS is a product of WERT Philippines , Inc. the latter promotes good health through quality medicines at reasonable cost. It's a food supplement that helps promote overall immunity, maximize physical growth & enhance brain development."

You may try this for your child too and asking your Pediatrician would help on choosing a perfect vitamins for your child. Still, fruits and veggies and TLC, is much more better for your child! :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Eggciting Adventure Day on October

Egg is considered as one of the Filipino’s breakfast staples. This largely versatile food can be fried, poached or boiled. It is also an essential ingredient in most baked products.

Whether you like it scrambled or sunny side up, eating egg is important for it is a good source of protein, choline and essential vitamins necessary for the body. Thus, Philippine Egg Board Association, together with The Good Egg by Sarimanok, emphasizes the importance of one egg a day to families.

According to Philippine Egg Board Association, having an egg a day is vital to one’s health as it manages weight, provides muscle strength and prevents muscle-loss, leads to better brain function and maintains eyes health. For women, it is good to include egg in your meal for it contributes to healthy pregnancy.

To further promote this advocacy and celebrate the upcoming World Egg Day on October, Guerilla Race and the aforementioned institutions have teamed up and designed an exciting adventure for families dubbed as “Eggciting Adventure Day #itloglusogeveryday.” This first ever event made for Filipino families aims to raise awareness as well as include egg in a day’s meal. The main highlight of this adventure is the Eggciting Family Fun Run where individuals and even families can run together. It will happen on October 16, 2016 at the SM by the Bay, Mall of Asia (MOA) Complex in Pasay City.

This event is a benefit race as part of the registration fee will be donated to Save The Children Foundation with the aim of fighting the long-term effects of stunting and malnutrition in the country.

The latest report presented by Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) and Save the Children Organization last April 19, 2016 explains the current situation of stunting and chronic malnutrition the country. Chronic malnutrition and stunting continue to rise in the last decade. According to FNRI data, from 2013 to 2015, ten percent of stunting children increased to an average of 40 percent and is expected to increase in 2016. The burden of stunting and malnutrition has greatly affected the country as it ranks as ninth in the world for having the highest number of stunted children. This poses a major concern for it affects children’s health.

Other than its battle against stunting and malnutrition, this charity run will also help soldier’s orphans to continue their education through AFP Educational Benefit System Office.

Apart from the much-awaited fun run, the Eggciting Adventure Day will also feature the following activities such as Eggciting Mini Egg Hunt, Eggciting Dance Fitness, Eggciting Health Consultation, and many more.

Race fees are as follows: P250.00 for 500-meter dash with egg hunt (child and guardian), P250.00 for 1K (3-10 years old- child and guardian), P400.00 for 3K (individual), P1300.00 for 3K (family of 4), P500.00 for 5K and P600.00 for 10K race

Chris Sports is the official registration partner of this charity race event. To register, please visit any of the following Chris Sports outlets: SM Mall of Asia, Glorietta, SM BF, SM Megamall, SM North EDSA – The Block, and Market, Market. For online registration, please visit: FB: Eggciting Adventure Family Fun Run

For details about this interesting race, please contact Ms. Nikka Ramos of Guerilla Race at 0927-8484533 or 0998-9565231.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Where the Geeks are!!!

I have initially thought, that it was a store that sells buko juice. Obviously from it’s name , I associated it to the fruit itself and surmising that the owner substitute “O” to “U”, so it would appear humorous and appealing. Then, just by adding books, voracious readers will get attracted while drinking buko juice!

Humor fails! Oh well.. you got it right? I really don’t know how that idea came up! Toinks!

So I googled its etymology and it showed that BUKU means "A lot of" or "many" in Vietnam, and "book" in Malay. Later I know that it’s also a coffee shop. I’ve always been here in District mall because my partner is working in Sweet Solutions Cafe , a coffee shop/bakeshop along side Buku Buku. So every weekend , I’m always with my son and we always hang out on this place. This mall became his playground and this became my "tambayan", as well.

I like the ambience in District Mall because it's not crowded unlike other malls in town. Restrooms are also clean . hehehe, which is very important.

Buku Buku cafe captured my eyes because of its interior. Its very appealing for bookworms and artsy individuals. It manifests really who their target customers are.

Not only that. They supports local indie band and acts. Open mic sessions held monthly and I've attended some of these.


So if you are a poetry incline individual then, you are very much welcome to perform or just be an audience and listen. No need to go outside Cavite just to witness indie bands, poetry reading and open mic sessions.

Buku Buku is also a perfect place to hang out with friends. Aside from coffee and dining area inside, they have another place for booze-ing and you may also indulge on cocktail drinks.

You should give it a try! Gora na !

Monday, August 8, 2016


It still few months before holiday season but SHOPBACK already have a blogging contest where you will just input your Wish List items from their merchants. Very rare that I join blogging contest like this, however , this time, will try my luck to win these stuffs not only for me but also for my son. : )

Here are the prizes:

10 Best Wishlist Winners will get ONE of their items from their wishlist for FREE
The prize (item)’s price will be capped at PHP10,000.
2 Most Popular Winners will be chosen from the remaining entrants for the Most Popular category and will win PHP3,000 cash prize each.
The more like/shares you have across your social media, the higher chance you have to win.
5 Consolation Prize Winners will be chosen from the remaining entrants and will win PHP1,000 cash prize each.

I have already explained how shopback works HERE and you will definitely shop and will drool for the deals offered. : )

You might also want to join this contest and learn the mechanics HERE and create your own wishlist.

As I have mentioned on my previous post , SHOPBACK gives you cashback for your online purchases, on top of the many discounts available when buying from an online retailer. It starts to become popular nowadays as it featured also on The Manila Times, Philstar,, GMA Network, Tech In Asia, Channel NewsAsia & more.

I've browsed CashCashPinoy and look for a travel package. Shopback offers 2% cashback once you buy stuff from them . They offered great deals of travel package and I chose 2 as included on my wishlist.

Tagaytay Prime residences (weekends)

Since rainy days are coming , this is my priority . A staycation for the family: My partner , my son and the nanny :)

Kiddie area on this hotel caught my attention. It will be a fun 2D/1N weekdend stay, if ever!

Caliraya mid year get away / Quad Room (4 pax min.)

I chose this since it's closer to our town and it is also a chance to have a bonding moment with my family.

My 3rd wish I picked from Itruemart where Shopback offers 4% cashback. I bought some accessories and micro sd from this site before. They offer great deals as well. I bought my micro sd for a lower price and I'm still using it. If only I knew this SHopback earlier, 4% cashback will already creditted on my account.

WD My Passport Ultra External HD / 2tb

I am very sentimental when it comes on saving pictures. A memento that I can look back.

For LAZADA, they offer 4% cashback as as well. It is one of those popular online stores and I've tried to buy some of my stuff here. I bought 2 stuffs on this online store. an electronic massager and romoss powerbank and now, I've checked and browse some stuffs for kids and noticed this :

Electronic Motor for Kids

I have already bought my son an electronic motor like this but its already worn out and now he's asking for another.

I will not shell out a money from my pocket to buy this . I will wait first to win, the genie might hear me! LOL

So there... I summon the Shopback Genie to fulfill any of these. Hopefully I will win!!! : )


As a Mom , it became my habit to shop with a value card to earn more points on some establishments. I really do prefer value shopping especially on buying groceries. Although it will only earn me a single peso for a 200 pesos worth of groceries or medicines , I truly appreciate and made me feel that something was gained back. Because sooner once I already accumulated enough points , I will be able to use it also in the future. Earning points for me is like .. asking and haggling for a certain discount. If it's a marketing strategy, I am enjoying it! Actually I have already consumed some of those points as well.

Moreover, since online shopping is very prominent nowadays , I have discovered that I can earned after online shopping! This platform is partnered with those popular online shop that I have usually visited and this is what I am eyeing for! I've actually bought some items from these popular online shops like Lazada but I've earned nothing! I am blogging this to share the significance of this online store and what they can offer to us online shoppers. Since most of the time, I am sitting in front of a computer and this is the only time that I am browsing some stuffs to buy for myself.

I am talking about SHOPBACK online and this time, you will earn money and not points. It would be a money saved on your part and they offer great deals and discounts. You may cash out this to your bank, paypal or GCASH account. SHOPBACK is the #1 Online Cashback / Rebates Site in the Philippines. They've been partnered to 300 merchants like LAZADA , ZALORA , AGODA, HOTELS.COM, iTRUEMART, FOODPANDA, ALIEXPRESS and more. Also, business runs in countries like , Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Taiwan.

I know mommies and some online-buyer-aficionados will definitely like this. Once you registered in SHOPBACK, you will get P100 upon signing up. This will be credited on your shopback account. When you made a purchase, another 100 pesos will be added.

Actually I gave this a shot, just to see how it works. After a few days, I've received a notification on my email that I've already earned some 4% cashback. This was actually added to my Shopback Account .

CASHBACK is the money that consumers received once they shopped online, and it comes in a form of CASH not points. Good thing, they offer Cashbacks from popular online stores : CashCashPinoy with 2% cashback , Lazada has 4% cashback and and iTrueMart has 4% cashback.

Another thing , you might get confuse. Discounts in merchants like LAZADA is totally different from what you may get from shopback. You may get discounts on top of the cashback earned from SHOPBACK. Great deals, right?! Discounts pa more! : )

To understand more about SHOPBACK :

You may also watch this SHOPBACK VIDEO provided for online customers .

Like these SHOPBACK accounts on social media so you'll get updated on the deals they offer :





Happy shopping!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Whitney Houston Show 2016

The astounding tribute show taking the world by storm! A fun and heart-felt concert dedicated to the incomparable Whitney Houston. The Greatest Love Of All: The Whitney Houston Show celebrates the magnificent catalogue of hits that Houston made famous during her 30 year career. The 2 ½ hour concert and stage show includes hits such as 'How Will I Know', 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody', 'Where Do Broken Hearts Go', 'Didn't We Almost Have It All', 'I'm Every Woman', 'One Moment In Time', 'I Have Nothing' and of course, 'I Will Always Love You' and many more.
Starring the breathtaking voice of Belinda Davids live in concert featuring the full production show from the US. Direct from sell out shows across Europe, plus a full band, dancers and theatrical effects, this show is not just a brilliant tribute but a spectacular concert experience in its own right and should not be missed! In the wake of Whitney Houston's tragic passing in 2012, her timeless music and awe-inspiring voice have received renewed appreciation from her legion of long-time fans and garnered a new generation of admirers who appreciate Whitney's unique voice, undeniable talent and pervasive charm as a welcome contrast to the artists prevalent in today's contemporary music.

In preparation for such an anticipated show, and in respect for Houston's legacy, Showtime Management dedicated over 12 months to perfecting this production and finding the right star. After conducting over 15,000 auditions in 12 countries, accomplished South African vocalist BELINDA DAVIDS was selected to pay reverence to Houston with her carefully crafted renditions.

Don’t miss this critically acclaimed once in a lifetime live show of a tribute to a woman who has long been an icon of pop music and vocal ability, The Greatest Love Of All – The Whitney Houston Show Tour 2016 on Friday, August 26th, 8PM at the IEC Pavillon, Cebu City and on Saturday, August 27th at the PICC Plenary Hall, Pasay City, Manila.

Presented by DMC Philippines, in cooperation with Gotesco Group Of Companies, and Gruppo Group Of Companies. This event is also brought to you by Hotel Jen, the official residence and Novu hair. Special thanks to our media partners: NET 25, Eagle Broadcasting, RMN, 558 DZXL, 774 DWWW, Radyo Agila, 90.7 Love Radio, 95.5 Pinas FM, 96.3 Easy Rock, 97.9 Home Radio, 101.1 YES FM, 107.5 Wish FM, Business Mirror, Peoples Tonight, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star, Manila Concert Scene, Philippine Concerts, and When In Manila. Tickets are now available at SM Tickets ( and Ticket World ( outlets.

Friday, July 15, 2016


I’ve started blogging since 2009 and I’ve only created my own space on some free platforms available online . Eventually, I’ve treated it as my online diary and only for personal use. I haven’t realized then, that getting your own domain name and web host is significant on blogging especially if you want to earn money from your web site.

It’s only now that I consider getting one for myself so it will help me reach an online identity. I need this, because I ‘ve also started writing for others.

I’ve thought getting a domain name will empty my pocket monthly,however, it looks like that it didn't!

I’ve consider on getting my domain name because they offer prices na hindi masyado mahal . hehe has been in the industry as a reputable domain registrar in the Philippines for more than 3 years now. They’re the counterpart of, the #1 domain registrar in Japan and currently, they offer online solutions from domain registration, web hosting and web design at competitive prices. To serve customers better, new website is finally up and more mobie-friendly! Kindly check and browse on their newly revamp site :
They also offer these payment method : is better because it was made for Filipino entrepreneurs to help them succeed on their business. It also offers affordable prices for domain name and web hosting. If you are a newbie, they have a tech support that surely will guide you on the initial process up to the end.

And as part of their launching, they’ll joining on the much anticipated #FranchiseAsiaPhl2016 International Franchise Expo this July 22-24, 2016 in SMX Convention Center in SM MOA. In here, customers can get special discounts plus freebies.

So if you are planning to have a website for your business and wanted to spread it personally online, consider getting one with this brand. : )